Subscriber Movie Night

Subscriber movie night is open to both Twitch & Patreon subscribers. It’s a monthly event where the Vamp Pack community can get together and watch movies. The movies will tend to lean along the  horror & B-movie genres, but we’ll throw some other things in from time to time.

How to watch

  • Get notified on Twitch or Facebook about movie night.
  • Sign-up for an account on , which is where the movie night will be hosted.
  • The link to sub movie night will be posted in the #subscriber-tavern at least 10 minutes before the movie starts.
  • When the movie starts you’ll be able to voice chat in discord or text chat on
  • (optional) Join the sub Discord under #movienight.

Make sure you have your Twitch sync’d with your discord account for access to the sub only channel. For a guide on how to sync Twitch with Discord go here and scroll down to the “For Viewers” section. Up to 25 people can join sub movie night.





Movie Night Will Return